Ahu Dialysis Center was established in 2003 under the roof of Ahu Hospital.
Our Center provides dialysis patients living in the region and from all around the World with the chance of being treated in the unique beauty of Marmaris. Ahu Dialysis Center hosts hundreds of local and foreign patients every year.

Ahu Dialysis Center provides all sorts of comfort with its expert and good-humored dialysis team, FRESENIUS 4008 S-V 10 Clasic machines, automatic patient chair, TV for each patient and internet opportunity.

Ahu Dialysis Center also provides transportation for patients. Our shuttle takes our patients to our Dialysis Center safely and takes them back to where they stay after treatment.

Our Mission;

Our mission is to become a quality, reliable and accessible healthcare organization to provide district patients and all patients who cannot get the opportunity of having holiday as they need to undergo dialysis due to renal failure with sustained and contemporary medical service that gives importance to patient satisfaction by combining holiday and treatment.

Our Vision;

To become a leading healthcare organization that has reached international service standards as a reliable brand in the health sector.

Our Corporate Values;

Not to compromise on contemporary and international standards when implementing our mission and vision.